Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How To Remove Ads and Banners from your Facebook Profile

Tired of pop-ups and flashing ads that clog-up your Facebook page and slow-down your web browser?  Well so was I.   Here is how I removed that ads from my profile: (this may not work for everyone). 

1. First, go to your computers control panel / then click add/remove programs.

2. Look through the list of programs and try to find a program called "Coupon Companion Plugin" or something similar.

3. Highlight this program by left clicking the mouse on it then click the REMOVE button.

Another known ad generator on Facebook is called "advertising Support".  Repeat the steps above but try to find a program called "advertising Support" in the add/remove programs list.

If the above programs are not found in the programs list, here is an extensive list of other advertising partners on Facebook:

•152 Media
•4w Marketplace
•ad:C media
•Adconion Media Group
•Adknowledge - (Cubics)
•Advert Stream - (AdsMarketPlace)
•Alfy Video Network
•APP Prizes
•Casale Media
•Concours Mania
•deal united
•DSNR Media Group
•Evonia (Affiz CPM)
•Fox Networks
•GLO Gaming
•Harren Media
•Improve Digital
•Jun Group
•Komli Media Inc.
•Lifestreet Media
•Live Gamer
•Meta Network
•Open Inventory media
•Peanut Labs
•Promote Clix
•Pulse 360
•Rubicon Project
•Selectable Media
•Social Games Ad Network - SGA
•Social Game Media
•Social Reality
•Specific Media
•Technorati Media
•TradableBits Media Inc.
•Tremor Video
•Tube Mogul
•Underdog Media
•Unruly Media
•Ybrant Digital

Try searching the above names in the add/remove programs feature and then remove them using the steps detailed above.

If you are having a hard time finding the name of the ad provider then you can always look on the right-hand-bottom portion of the ad banner and see if a link (uasually a small gray colored link) is provided that shows the name of the ad banner generator.

Good luck and please post feedback and other tips to let me know if this worked for you.

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